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Project Description

You can find loads of Business Plan templates online, some already written and tailored to your business, but in honesty, a brilliant and useful Business Plan has to come from you, your initial idea, and your VISION of what you want it to look like and how you would like it to develop. You can download a business plan, but it won’t be yours, and won’t necessarily take your business down the route that you have dreamed of.

Woo Hoo Business Planning is here to bring the joy into creating a business plan, because guess what?  It is a really fun process.  It’s a bit like choosing all the ingredients to go in your favourite recipe. It’s enjoyable because you get to choose how you and others will experience your business.

You will be guided step by step in a fun and creative way to help you write a business plan that is fit for purpose and most importantly useful (i.e not just stored on your laptop and looked at once a year).  It will be something that you can use every day, every week and update to flex and bend with the changes that may come.