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Alison Henderson – The Prison Widow

Alison Henderson
The Prison Widow

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Prison Widow is an online platform for prisoners families who can safely and anonymously share their experiences and stories to raise awareness. It was founded by Alison Henderson who relates to the emotional hurdles often faced by families and friends of prisoners living with the struggle on the other side of the wall. The blog site features latest prison news, supportive articles on substance misuse, personal stories and posts written by ex prisoners who share their experiences on what life is like for them once they have been released from prison.

Prison Widow UK also passionately promotes family ties and positive interaction by advising families on great ways to write interesting and meaningful letters to their loved ones.

Alison facilitates workshops at MhIST, a mental health charity in Bolton, Lancashire and has worked in the female prison estate delivering appropriate and safe activities for in-cell.

Alison has also actively written numerous articles for the prison national newspaper, Inside Time.