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Freedom to Fly, Roots to Grow

Bird Tree CIC has been created to help dedicated community organisations and charities develop their staff and beneficiaries through the delivery of high quality training programmes, without the high costs associated with Learning  and Development.

We are a Social Enterprise and reinvest back into our communities through training provision and the development of skills.

We offer a series of online training courses that can be customised to suit your organisational needs. So whether you are looking to train your staff in your organisational practices; or wish to access programmes to promote wellbeing or specific courses to support and develop your beneficiaries, we can help, without incurring the high costs of employing a trainer, meaning your valuable income can be put to other uses.

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Our Mission

Helping Communities Thrive Through Learning.

Our mission is to help community organisations and charities deliver high quality training and personal development to their staff and beneficiaries at an affordable price, delivered in a relevant, engaging and fresh style.

Our Values


We value authenticity, so we do our best to keep it real, and be open and transparent!

Being authentic is a two way street, so we hope you’ll be keeping it real when using our site too!


We want to inspire social change in people and in our communities to change our lives for the better!

Together we can create positive change, changing lives for the better.


We love to share knowledge: Ideas breed new ideas!

By sharing knowledge we can improve lives, create stronger communities and move toward a more socially balanced world.